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And though you choose your destiny by your own device,
Your fate lives and dies by the roll of the dice,
And though you plan the success of your enterprise,
Chance smiles and waits for your demise,
Remember, salt is king,
And the only way to avoid it,
Is by thinking you can't win,
But if you destine your own defeat, chance will sit back 
and laugh and allow you to fulfill your destiny,
Its a cruel game you play,
But somewhere, sometime, fate will let you have your way,
For, you see, even the Salt King
Gets salted from day to day.

by Amish Dangodara 2/7/87
San Clemente Crusaders defeat Everglades City 31-17 in Dominator Bowl III Season 4 offseason starts soon. Send your membership application (see below) today!

Thank you my friend for joining me on this journey for fun, challenge and camaraderie. My first APCFB team was called the Dominators. My league was called the SALT LEAGUE. Friendships started the league and kept it going. It was built in 1989 just before the Bills went on their “dominant winning/losing streak” and Grunge became a thing. Lucky for me, art did not imitate life. I managed to win several championships with that old 1989 Bills base team. It preceded APCFB by two years. I was a real APCFB pioneer during those AOL, PC Anywhere “salad” days. It only seems fitting that with the Bills recent resurgence I build another league that tries to capture and promote all the good that I have seen and experienced over the last 29 years of head to head APCFB action. 2020 NFL promises to be a changing of the guard in many ways. Old dynasties will end new ones will rise. The new crop of QB’s provide excitement for the future. This league will strive to balance the joy of building a champion with the joy of playing head to head NFL football against elite coaches and GM’s that know how to win but can accept losing. Losing will happen frequently to all of us as “Salt will always be king.”

The Dominators Football League will strive to closely follow all practicable aspects of the National football league for the enjoyment of all its members. To this end, continuity of team ownership, balanced team rosters, civility and fair play between competitors will be guiding principles. Although the League agrees that each team owner may advance the interests of his or her team as they see fit, it is in the League's long term best interest to require that all teams strive for competitive rosters and competitive game-play at all times. To adhere to both the letter and spirit of the constitution and all other DFL rules and practices, members must be prompt and courteous in their dealings with other members . This is an anti-tanking league. This is a head to head online simulation football league. We all agree to build champions. We play head to head to win the game. There will be numerous incentives to reward those that play to win the game and contribute to our by league by actively participating and promoting its success. There is more league information below. If interested in finding out more about membership please email me, and/or fill out the membership form below:

You can write me at Kingsaltedfb@gmail.com free web counter